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    ~ 10 song album~ released 9/30/14 (all song mix updates thru 10/21/14)

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1) * All Of A Sudden~ Blues-rock romp rooted in boogie-woogie ala Leon Russell + B3 organ! About the moment each of us recognizes something’s changed in a relationship- you have to see them ASAP!
2) * Leap Of Faith~ mellow/haunting- awakened in the stormy night, searching for hope...
3) ** Spellbound~ co-write, alt-funk w/ dance beats (breaks new ground musically) “keep me Spellbound” crux of this collection
4) ** You Said My Name- lyrics Kim De Meo~ a modern styled blues rocker w/ attitude & crunchy guitars- how everything's changed "since you said my name like a sweet benediction"...
5) ** Up On The Bluffs- lyrics De Meo~ inspired by Winfield, a timeless, old soul islander resort doorman, full of dignity & grace, twinkle in his eye, offers to take our photo then shares his special gift- a small bottle of choral pink sand, and many stories…
6) + Under the Milky Way Tonight- Kim De Meo lead vocal~ covers The Church (based on our live arrangement)
7) * Oh Philadelphia~ new version of a favorite, between rhythmic piano & amped guitar hook, use of swing elements w/ straight time, it bids a nod to R & R origins, sounds complete yet fresh!- for months worked on the snare- reminds me of gunshots... we kept it
8) * Don't You See?~ guitar driven melodic rock, tinkling piano- lying awake, reminded how "all I ever wanted lay hidden right in front of me" and to share what's inside us...
9) ++ Knockin On Heaven's Door~ Kim De Meo leads this classic rock w/ an alt-folk-modern style while melodic guitar sings in reply...
10) * What If? ~ rhythm & crunch- posing the age old question, What If all our perceived reality wasn’t at all what it appears? taken a step further, how it might even change our world…
11) * Bonus trk~ Christmas On The Block ©Alan Mann [rip '88] of whom I had the honor working with in his Free Arts Band '76 thru '79. Kweder- bl harp

~ newest writing: already 9 songs & growing (1 needs words) that are even more exciting & fresh, ahead of the wave & where I'm heading this coming year, looking forward...


released 30 September 2014

all rights reserved, * ©Larry Saklad 2014 ASCAP, ** ©Kim De Meo & L Saklad, +©The Church, ++ ©R Zimmerman



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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SAKLAD Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

'04 refreshed songwriting led to 2nd cd SAKLAD ’10. newest Spellbound, all 10 songs avail 9/30/14 Performs w guitars & piano- keys, original b/u trax, songs w co-writer Kim De Meo, friends. History in Phila Music Scene 30+ yrs, piano-keys vox- Alan Mann, David Rowan, Robert Hazard, work w Essra Mohawk, performed in Carnegie Hall age 10 piano. ... more

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Track Name: All Of A Sudden
All Of A Sudden ©2014

Going 'bout my day in work and in play, I'm doin' ok
Day turns to night, still doin' alright

Then all of a sudden I needed to see her
I started to need her much more,
All of a sudden my heart opened wider
I'm deeper inside her than before

Callin' out her name, doesn't sound the same,
echoes round my brain
I can heal you & know you feel it too

[chorus 2x]

Out for a drive, feelin' all alive
with that smile inside
Then I look again, I'm wearing a big grin

[1/2 chorus] music

And all of you here, remember the cheer
when you knew they were dear
You couldn't walk away & neither could they!

When all of a sudden you needed to see them
You started to need them much more
& All of a sudden your heart opened widened
You're deeper inside them than before
Track Name: Leap Of Faith
2) Leap Of Faith 3:28
When these tears well up in your soul
What part is missing from the puzzle makes you whole
The tired groan of defeat & surrender to the night
the candlelight is fading out of sight

When these tears are chasing down the rain
And these windows reflecting only pain
Looking past branches twisting
dancing whispering December
What woke me now, trying to remember

[chorus] I won't ask you to walk in my shoes
Take a leap of faith baby, what do you got to loose
no, I won't ask you to walk in my shoes
so take a leap of faith baby, nothing else to choose

When these tears well up in your soul
Track Name: Spellbound
Spellbound 3:37
[chorus] Spellbound, just keep me spellbound
what keeps me spellbound
We're talking 'bout what's paramount
what makes life worth living
and what makes you wanna jump and shout?
Recognize these feelings of such joy & wonder
Rockin' & a-reeling with this spell I'm under
Shooting stars are louder than a clap of thunder
Watching from the shoreline w/ both moon & sun here
spellbound, what keeps me
Gazing out to the horizon line, reaching toward infinity
can lead us out of time
Just keep me, keep me spellbound, just keep me spellbound
Ever on a quest thru time suspension
Ignited and caressed in a new direction
Some of us can beam about the picture's story
Other ones are following their muse's calling, spellbound
'Cause you never wanna be fading away
lost in the shuffle
Always wanna be rising free of all this mediocrity
Just keep me, keep me spellbound, just keep me spellbound
what keeps me
Mesmerized and fantasized that you would find me
Open mind and heart what's gonna set my soul free
Peace be found within a daydream waking slumber
Grateful for the feeling of this spell I'm under, spellbound
'Cause you never wanna be fading away
lost in the shuffle
Just keep me, keep me spellbound, Spellbound
Track Name: You Said My Name
You said my name like a sweet benediction
A moth and a flame, we danced around fire
Despite any doubt or others' prediction
We feel much more than just burning desire
You said my name like a sweet proposition
Charter our course no map is required
Turn up the sound babe, you said with conviction
Love's taken flight and I'm feeling inspired

Stuck in the labrinth reversing direction
Not knowing which way to go
Changing direction, no end to this darkness
Desperate to find our way home

You said my name like a need or addiction
Heating my bloodstream, man I'm on fire
Despite any doubt and others' prediction
Love's taken flight and I'm feeling inspired

See thru a bird's view the path is revealing
Clarity is the way to go
Free of the labrinth, forward direction
Finally find our way home

You said my name, since you said my name
You said my name like a sweet benediction
Track Name: Up On The Bluffs
Up On The Bluffs 4:17
©2014 Kim De Meo & Larry Saklad

Up on the bluffs Winfield stands waiting
greeting weary travelers as they arrive
Up on the bluffs Winfield’s handshake is ready
welcoming patrons up the cobblestone drive

This gentleman’s journey began in life early
He carried their bags for a dime
His smile warmed the tough ones and melted the gruff ones
He offers to capture their snapshot in time

[chorus] Up on the bluffs Winfield stands waiting
Up on the bluffs, Up on the bluffs

This gentleman's journey began in life early
And now he’s a real dapper Dan
His smile warms the tough ones and melts all the gruff ones
Offering bottles of coral pink sand
Timeless and gracious he’ll journey to places
So many friends ready to see him again

...Winfield stands waiting
Up on the bluffs...
Track Name: Oh Philadelphia
6) Oh Philadelphia ©2010 4:20

Why's this old piano make me sad
when all I wanna feel is glad
But every note just makes me weep
Out on the corner there's a man
and he's missing his band
His horn just echoes down the street

(chorus) Oh Philadelphia, why can't we come together
You've been my rock since my youth
Oh Philadelphia, we've come through stormy weather
Only to find all your guns cocked, ready to shoot

Fear, if it's just illusion
what's the chaos and confusion
With our embrace all shadows gone
You know I've ridden every rail
walked down every dead end trail
Come face to face with all alone

Mistakes, you know I've made my share
but there's no punishment there
Always thought that Kharma collects it's due
No, it's a myth all wrong
it's how we drag us along
Keeping us from happiness and true, oh baby...

Oh Philadelphia, why can't we come together
You've been my rock since my youth
Oh Philadelphia, starting now and forever
This city of Love holds the truth
Track Name: Don't You See?
updated 10/21/14 8) Don't You See? 4:05
Waking to the sounds of the thunder and lightning
the winds of doubt all around
Listen to all the voices from my inside fighting
so focused on the lost and the found
I want to know the best way to go
so sure there's so much more
so just gotta find that door

I have looked far and wide open eyed on this journey
faith unswayed- Your will be done
I've prayed & I've strayed but never lost sight of the story
lately the dream seems like another re-run
then you said, Don't you see, there's no mystery
All I've ever wanted lay hidden right in front of me
Don't you see?

Don't you see, try as we must
but all we ever wanted lay hidden right in front of us

Don't you see, it's just boom or bust
All we ever wanted is to share what's inside of us
Don't you see?
Track Name: What If?
What If? 3:34

What if this whole world's our dream
and nothing's what it seems
an illusion of flesh and bone
What if all we see is wrong
and everything all along
has been to keep from Heaven's home
(coming home) where we belong

What if perception's a choice
with power to hide love's voice
who speaks the truth of who we are
What if there is no death
life continues without breath
maybe home was never far
never that far

All our life just hangin' by a thread, hangin' by a thread
And don't get stuck in the web 2x

What if we're all of one mind
but that memory left behind
and feeling so afraid
What if all this is true
I must be joined with you
Would this erase the myth we made?
(what we made) to be separate

All our life just hangin' by a thread...
What if, what if
What if we remembered heaven?