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_ Following his fall '06 debut release, Yet2B, Larry Saklad has been performing regionally, both in support of those songs, Oh Philadelphia and new writing. This year brings us another collection of fresh recordings, SAKLAD, all relate to finding peace in a decidedly unpeaceful place.
_ As accomplished both on piano and guitar, Larry's songs reflect an interplay of each instrument weaving counterpoint against the other. This focus shifts throughout the collection and within most songs.
_ His singing also has shifted- earlier known for his plaintive raw passion, he pushes it with gentler intensity. "Oh Philadelphia" articulates dynamic contrast along with the resonance of "Tethered", while "I Been Told" woos us in refreshing harmony with Kim De Meo, also co-writer.
_ Contrasts abound, with keyboard textures, electric/ acoustic guitars and drums all providing support for an ever-changing genre. From full-on ROCK Anthems to ACOUSTIC Ballads and Funky-FOLK Pop, Saklad crafts thoughtful and catchy insight about our world, in the light of redefining what is reality/ illusion, as in "Comedy of Errors". Ultimately, truth lies only within our relationships with each other, and no avoiding God as relates to the mindset of peace.
_ Some may say, peace sounds kind of boring, but experiencing SAKLAD's art is anything but: consider the 1st single,"Salt In My Coffee”!


released September 14, 2010

* co-writer- Kim De Meo, ** producer- Wayne Hsu, *** co-producer- Mike Konopka, guest vocals- Kim De Meo
mastering- Ryan Schwabe, Oasis Mfg
©2010 ASCAP, 29share design.



all rights reserved


Saklad Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"forging a fresh updated sound w/ lyrics that resonate" Metaphor 6/9/17 2nd ed 13 songs+ Spellbound '15, SAKLAD '10. Performs w guitars & piano-keys, original trax, songs w co-writer Kim De Meo, friends. History in Phila Music Scene 30+ yrs, piano-keys vox- Alan Mann, David Rowan, Robert Hazard, work w Essra Mohawk, Carnegie Hall age 10 piano. Christmas on the Block w gkids! ... more

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Track Name: Salt In My Coffee
Salt In My Coffee
© Larry Saklad

I'm not gonna pour salt in my coffee
not gonna sprinkle sugar on my steak
Yes, I'm gonna savor every one of these flavors
gonna embrace all that's on my plate

But with her I stumble down again
playing some clown
And I don't wanna don't wanna be down now

All of the shadows that were clouding my thinking
putting my attention on my weakened state
If love is letting go, I finally surrender
Now every moment is a fresh clean slate

But with her...
... no I don't wanna don't wanna be down now
don't wanna be down now

Free to be your witness
windblown on a mountain peak
letting our song take wing

All that I learned about the law of attraction
we're gonna find just what we seek
So tired of thinking "can't get no satisfaction"
and no more questions if the hill's too steep

But with her...
... don't wanna be, no I don't wanna don't wanna be
Don't wanna be down now, don't wanna be down now
Track Name: Tethered
2} Tethered
©2010 by Kim De Meo, Larry Saklad

Listenin to the voice inside that whispers in our ear
Tryin to decipher what is not crystal clear
Questioning the voice inside that whispers in our head
Asking for direction, can not assume my way instead

Tethered together here in the quagmire
lifting each other
Tethered together, what will inspire us to
lift each other out of this quicksand?

The asking of these questions: what is false and true
All of us are yearning for all those answers too
Extend your hand to me my friend, is all we have to do
The lessons we are learning here, I realize in you


I'd gladly shed your fears for you, if we only could
but both of us laughin with the voice inside, reminds us things are good

chorus 1.5x
...Tethered together, what will inspire us to keep
lifting each other out of this quicksand? Tethered